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Gardeing is for everyone, even dreamers who live in Dundas Ontario and the Dundas Valley with interests in gardening, lawncare, landscaping, plants and trees
Hired Hands Lawn Care, Landscapes and Irrigation in Dundas Ontario Tel:905-628-3030
P.O. BOX 65557
L9H 6Y6
Link to Hired Hands Website
Garden Ontario. The Ontario Horticultural Association and the Ancaster Horticultural Society provide information and services on plants, trees, landscaping and other horticultural interests at their websites: and at:
Roayl Botannical Gardens in Hamilton Ontario at 680 Plains Road West Burlington Ontario L7T 4H4. Tel 905-527-1158
 Shawns Tree Service in Dundas Ontario. Removal, Pruning, Cabling, Trimmimg, Clipping, Hedges and Stump Grinding. Fully Insured. Bucket Truck. el 905-627-1894
The web makes planning easier for customers looking for  gardening, lawn care, landscaping, plants and trees in Dundas Ontario in the Dundas Valley

Lawn and garden maintainence, landscaping services - including lawn sprinkler systems and landscape design, as well as tree plant and horticulture services in Dundas Ontario are advertised here with links to each advertisers website or web page.

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Hamilton Ontario Region Wildlife and Animal Removal
Bad Company Wildlife Eviction is
Humane, Effective and Guaranteed.
Specialists In Wildlife Removal and Eviction

Working with Mother Nature, Bad Company Wildlife Removal and Evcition achieves lasting solutions to your wildlife problem. Humane removal of animals from your home or business is quick, effective and guaranteed.

Our methods for humane removal have been developed through our years of experience and reflect our committment to providing safe and envronmentally responsible wildlife removal services. As experts in wildlife removal and prevention, we know how to make sure that your premises are secure and that your "Bacd Comapny " gets out - and stays out !

We remove raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, mice, rats and snake.
Our nature friendly approach allows us to really enjoy our work and continually improve our understanding of the behaviour of wildlife as they attempt to integrate our communities into their habitat.

"Eviciting" animals back into the outdoor habitat where they will continue to defend their territory keeps new invaders away from your property.

Customers are always thrilled with our methods and often ask for photos when we re-unite babies with their mothers !


Telephone: 1-855-880-9860


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Hired Hands Lawn Maintenance Services

Hired Hands Lawn Maintenance Services provides first rate residential and commercial lawn care and maintenance throughout the Dundas Valley region.

The fully licensed, insured and well trained team at Hired Hands is dedicated to providing consistent, high quality lawn care that their customers have come to expect.

Hired Hands' Organic Lawn Program yields amazing results - it's one of the favourite programs for customers in the Dundas and Hamilton region.

Their reputation for first-class lawn care in Dundas and the greater Hamilton area resulted in their nomination for the Hamilton's People's Choice Award for Favourite Lawn Care Company.

Serving Flamborough, Dundas, Ancaster, Waterdown and West Hamilton since 1988, Hired Hands Lawn Care has earned the trust and loyalty of its many customers.

Hired Hands Lawn Care
PO Box 65557, Dundas, ON L9H 6Y6

Telephone: (905) 628-3030
Fax: (905) 628-5363

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Gardens For Living

Gardens For Living, a full service, award winning landscape design company located in Dundas Ontario.

Gardens for Living serves the Golden Horsehoe region of Ontario ( including Toronto ).

Many of their gardens have been featured in books, magazines and on television. Gardens for Living Specializes in Natural Playground Design and also designs Custom Gardens with a full design and build service.

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Hired Rain Irrigation Contractors

Lawn sprinkler, watering and irrigation systems for residential and commercial lawn in Dundas, Hamilton, Flamborough and Ancaster that will keep your lawn healthy.

Hired Rain Irrigation Contractors will customize your in ground watering system to address all of your property's needs. 

With over ten years of commercial and residential irrigation design, service, and installation, the team at HIred Rain has the necessary skill and experience to provide a you with product that is so good that they offer a free two year guarantee on all installations ( see website for details ).

Hired Hands Lawn Care
PO Box 65557, Dundas, ON L9H 6Y6

Telephone: (905) 628-3030
Fax: (905) 628-5363

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The Garden Web

The Garden Web offers the internet gardening community access to blogs, news sources and gardening advice. It also offers a forum that covers every imaginable subject related to gardening, so you'll probably be able to find your topic of interest here.

The Garden Exchange provides a variety of links that connect readers to unlimited opportunities for exchanging all kinds of seeds and plants.

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The Ancaster Horticultural Society

The Ancaster Horticultural Society is a member of The Ontario Horticultural Association which provides valuable links and information for all kinds of gardening interests.

Maintaining twelve flower beds in the region the society also has been
instrumental in the planting of new trees in the town as well as supplying new park benches.

Ancaster is located only a short drive from the town of Dundas.

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The Royal Botannical Gardens

The Royal Botannical Gardens is a world famous botannical garden; a living museum of horticulture with a mandate to carry the art and science of horticulture to the public.

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Shawn's Tree Service

Shawn's Tree Service is a Dundas Ontario business providing tree pruning, hedge clipping, stump removal and tree cabling.

With categories ranging from horticulture and gardening, lawn maintenance, arborists and landscaping to trees, plants, aquatics and ponds, these services are available throughout the Dundas Valley and are found through the links on this page.